point is the legend of Faust, to which the touch of Goethe’s genius has given a fully new that means.”


“it’s, certainly, unimaginable to demarcate the stages of its development, and to set out certainly the more than a few human explanations which ought to have worked in its gradual transformation.” This sentence certainly implies that the story of Fall acquired distorted with time and folks inserted their own ordinary strategies in it in to explain the thriller of our species’ beginning.


“however confining ourselves to the Semitic type of the myth… ” The choice of phrases to describe the autumn story evidently shows Iqbal’s incredulity and his doubts over Creationism.


“… It is totally probable that it arose out of the primitive man’s wish to explain to himself the limitless misery of his plight in a nasty atmosphere… ” Iqbal’s direct try here is to discredit the biblical outlook of