the fall account where Adam is sent on this planet as a punishment for the normal Sin and the complete human populace is subjected to distress since of their ancestor’s alleged crime. The poet here has properly unmasked the human factors in charge for creating the whole legend of the usual Sin which Qur’an has so justly denied. As Iqbal is familiar with, Qur’an defends Adam and Eve when each are charged with the offense, unlike Pentateuch the place the lady has been accused of making her man disobey the Lord. In a similar fashion, Qur’an mentions God’s forgiveness before Adam’s Fall. Hence, in Qur’anic variant of this story, human migration to earth didn’t occur because of God’s wrath instead considering of God’s “large plan” for His liked creatures.


However the story of Genesis modern day Jews and Christians adhere to represents people in an extraordinarily depressing mild when it says: