1. Atmosphere: As President Macron, of France, not too long ago mentioned, regarding the need, for paying attention to our atmosphere, in a in charge manner, there may be, No Planet B! President Donald Trump appointed as his cupboard Secretary, for the Environmental security Administration (EPA), Scott Pruitt, a man, who spent a lot of his career suing and fighting, in opposition to environmental controls and rules. In view that Trump used to be elected, we have now witnessed, him, withdrawing the united states, from the Paris Accord (the only free nation, to take action), consistently denying and hiding small print involving climate exchange, a relaxation of fresh water rules, equivalent to dumping, and many others, abandoning fuel mileage specifications, for vehicles, and so on. If we fail to pay awareness, how will provide an explanation for it, to future generations? Ignoring these aspects, dangers the health, and many others, of our residents