approached the Forbidden Tree nevertheless this is the biblical interpretation of the autumn story. Qur’an has explicitly acknowledged Adam’s migration to earth after his approach being forgiven by using the Almighty. Another illustration is the story that Jacob fooled his father to emerge as a prophet when Isaac had intended his benefits for his liked Esau. There are bills of Abraham lying thrice and passing Sarah as his sister in Egypt. And how you can put out of your mind the Deluge? Nowhere in Qur’an it is mentioned that the Flood used to be universal. Qur’an speaks of it as a punishment for Noah’s nation; it not ever takes the complete human populace into consideration. So, Sir Syed was once writing towards these Bible-founded distortions of Qur’an’s intellectual messages and mythical (pseudo-ancient) interpretation of its moral reviews.


However the main issue was once many of those false legends attributed to God’s phrase declare origins