– The Hindu demon king would now not be killed both with a handheld weapon or a projectile.


In the due path of time, the Hindu demon king began to misuse his powers and turned evil. So, his son Prahlad wanted to restrict his evil deeds and therefore desired to kill him. When the king realized that his son wanted to kill him, he asked his sister Holika’s help. The king and his sister made a plan the place Holika would put on a fireplace-proof cloak and take Prahlad into the midst of the bonfire to kill Prahlad whereas Holika would stay unhurt. Nevertheless, the hearth-proof cloak happened to fly far from Holika’s shoulders and included Prahlad. So, ultimately Prahlad was saved and evil Holika was once killed within the bonfire. Then, Lord Vishnu himself seemed to kill the evil king Hiranyakashipu in such a means