Lamentably for Henry the stumbling block for him is that his bad marital fame has spread circular Europe. To provide but one example when the stunning Christina of Milan is informed of the King’s interest she replies that if she had two heads she would threat it, however she has just one.


Eventually Henry finds a bride as a result of the efforts of Hans Holbein, mostly probably the most noted of the Tudor court painters. Hans had been sent to the courtroom of the Duke of Cleves in 1539, and due to this fact takes photographs of his two sisters: Amelia and Anne. Henry takes an in depth examination of Holbein’s portrait and decides to have a contract drawn up for his marriage to Anne.


Partly that is established on her ‘appears’ but additionally seeing that Henry sees it as a strategic way to bolster his vigour in Europe. Henry is by now anti-Papal authority so in 1539 he appears toward the Duchies and principalities alongside the Rhine as they’re Lutheran and thus have a an identical political