and of itself, theology gets at the nature and relationship people have with God and what the word “god” means to people. After all, “God” means different things to different people and to different religious traditions. To the Muslim it is speaking about Allah and the teachings of the Quran and the four other holy books of their Islamic faith. To the Jew it is Jehovah/YHWH and the keeping of the Law. Both monotheistic traditions believe in one “God,” but what they believe about that “God” is vastly different from Christians. For polytheistic (many god) traditions it could mean doing something for one god to avoid the wrath of another. For the Deist, it could just be simply about finding general truths in all traditions and living a moral life and going to heaven. Everyone believes different things and that essentially is what theology is and aims to discuss. It is discussion about God or gods and the relationship that exists between us