Adam and Eve have been in no way supposed to be created as mankind’s organic ancestors. For Iqbal, Qur’an considers Adam to be precursor to human civilization.


“The Qur’an omits the serpent and the rib-story altogether.” the former omission was designed to “free the story from its phallic surroundings”. As any devout researcher is conscious, the phallus is without doubt one of the most old deities in mankind’s history. From India to Egypt, the female and male genitalia were worshiped as manner of replica which they most likely still are. It used to be identical to worshiping sun considering the fact that it the largest source of heat and lightweight for us earthlings or worshiping hearth considering that it keeps wild beasts faraway from a human gathering. That’s how historical religions developed. However, in Iqbal’s view, God did not disclose His ultimate words with the intention to repeat such historic myths. That’s why Qur’an has neglected all references to the serpent and the rib-story. You possibly can argue that the serpent of Bible and the satan of Qur’an are the same beings or Qur’an additionally mentions Eve’s delivery from Adam. O mankind, fear your Lord, who created you from one soul and created from it its mate (Q. Four:1).