neither is there any rationale to suppose that the phrase Jannat (backyard) as used right here manner the supersensual paradise from which man is supposed to have fallen on this earth. Consistent with the Qur’an, man is just not a stranger on this earth. “And we’ve got prompted you to develop from the earth”, says the Qur’an.” In other phrases, Iqbal has authorised the reality of the Evolution. Adam fell from the heavens above however Iqbal believes that the jannat referred to in Qur’an shouldn’t be the paradise the place the good-doers shall go on the Day of Resurrection. He additionally denies that Adam was anyplace out of earth when he approached the Forbidden Tree. For that reason, Iqbal’s jannat was once somewhere on our planet. His Adam had been inhabiting the sector long earlier than the autumn. The entire episode of the fall befell proper here on earth due to the fact, as Iqbal believes, the story of Adam is a mere reflection upon the awakening of a civilized human population.


Qur’an says that human has grown from the earth. What other example of the Evolution recounted within the Holy Writ can there be? That’s how Iqbal’s phrases are impressing me correct now. Learn this sentence again: “according to the Qur’an, man is just not a stranger on this earth. “